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3 Tips to Make Your Church App the Best

Hey there, today we want to share 3 tips on how to get the absolute best results using your new church app. The thing is, MySunday helps your church experience a new form of fellowship BUT this can only work with full engagement…here’s how to do that:

# 1: Download, download, download. What’s the point of having an app that isn’t being used? Its important for everyone to download your church app, so start promoting. Try sending out a personal selfie video encouraging your members to hop on MySunday. Or send out a couple of personal messages to everyone in your contact list. Use the personalized marketing materials we've created for you to post and promote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that way your app AND everyone downloads your app!

# 2: Fully switch over. However you are currently communicating with your congregation…STOP! Remember this is now your new form of engagement & your new form of contact.

If you are currently sending out email announcements…use your app instead. If you are texting your prayer team back and forth, start a group chat in your new app today. You want to streamline all your communication into one place to make it easier for your congregation to stay connected with their church.

# 3: Be consistent. The thing is your congregation wants to stay connected to their church, so its up to you to be consistent and give them that engagement they are looking for day to day. So try making a schedule… whether it’s going live on YouTube for a short devotion, or sending out a bible verse, or uploading an audio sermon in the middle of the week! Now, if you have too much on your plate don’t do this alone, appoint someone to be the admin of the app and work together to give your church substance they need throughout the week.

And there you have it. If you try these 3 tips we guarantee you will see the absolute best results with your church app. Remember if you have any questions we are always here for support. Now its time to get started!

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