Our mission is you! We want to see your church grow

Our vision is to advance the Christian community with our innovation and creativity. We are constantly making innovative tools to accomplish this mission for you ... the church!

“Our custom app has made it easier for us to connect with our church family and friends.”

Pastor Grant

Bibleway Ministries International

Ottawa, Canada

Our Team Leadership

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    CEO | Co-Founder | Developer


    Hello! I am the founder and CEO of MySunday, LLC. I am so excited that you are embarking on a journey with us.

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    Director of Finance | Co-Founder


    Have any questions regarding your billing or finances? I am ready to help and support.

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    Executive Director


    As the executive director, I am overseeing all business operations from sales, marketing, and new business.

  • Nathan

    Information technology is the back bone of any business. I am here to ensure that we are keeping the company up to par.

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    Marketing Director


    Looking to partner with MySunday? Whether it's an advertising opportunity or social media inquiry, I'm the person for you.

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    Spiritual Advisor


    I help our team stay God centered while also providing boots on the ground communication that helps us serve local pastors and local churches better.

Our story is important.

Early 2019, we noticed a need for a custom website and mobile church application at our home church to accept online giving and to give our church a more professional look. We shopped around and noticed that other companies and solution were not allowing us to completely customize to our need and the pricing was out of our price range.  Instead, we decided to build our own platform that would eventually turn into our company.

MySunday provides tools for Pastors and church leaders to enhance their ministry through the use of technology. Our vision is to advance the Christian community with our innovation and creativity.


Our core values:

  • Committed to advancing the church community

  • Committed to providing tools of excellence and quality for our Pastors and church leaders

  • Committed to passionately help build and encourage the church community through our products

  • Committed to learning the heart of our target audience (Pastors and leaders)

  • Committed to innovation and development


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